Tsamkao T

Tsamakao T

My name is Tsamkao Taiseb. I am 27 years old.

The one thing I am proud of in my life is my family, my parents, grandparents and siblings. I would like to stay close to them here in Donkerbos, but I can’t do it much longer.

There is no work here. I need to move to town – to Gobabis 4 hours away. I travel there to look for work as often as I can afford it.

I will go again when I have managed to save up from the piece works I sometimes get on the farms around here. They don’t pay well and the working conditions are not good but something is always more than nothing.

When I move, I will miss the nature around here. I will always remember the evenings by the fire with my father and my brother. We used to go hunting together when I was small. I still go out to the bush on my own sometimes but i feel lonely then.

I wish in the future young people would have a choice on whether they want to move out of the community or not.

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