About Sanstarter

What is Sanstarter?

Sanstarter is a crowdfunding platform managed by the Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub (ICTechHub) at the Faculty of Computing and Informatics at Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). It is meant for San communities in Namibia.

Where do Sanstarter projects come from?

The ICTechHub supports communities to identify projects they want to implement and to build skills needed in the implementation of these projects. 

How do I know my donations are being used well?

The ICTechHub is not responsible for how the Sanstarter funds are eventually being used by the communities. We trust the honesty and integrity of each community and ask anyone to please report abuse, if you become aware of any suspicious or unethical behaviour. 

Will you send me updates on the project I am funding?

We publish short updates on Sanstarter campaigns and projects funded through Sanstarter on the ICTechHub website www.ictechhub.com

Does my donation in its entirety go to the community?

90% of your donation goes to the community. The rest 10% goes to Sanstarter. This is necessary for our ability to cover the running costs of this crowdfunding platform.

Can I support other community projects in Namibia through crowdfunding?

Yes, please visit www.namstarter.ictechhub.com

Can I support the ICTechHub?

Yes please. The ICTechHub was was established with 2-year seed funding from the Finnish Embassy in Namibia. We are currently looking for new partners. Kindly contact us to hear more.